Our online courses are designed to help GP’s develop proven strategies to reduce stress, avoid burnout and bring more joy to their working day.

We have two online courses designed to achieve specific outcomes.

Course outlines.

Online course 1 – Beat stress and thrive

What’s it all about?

Do you feel like you are…

  • overwhelmed by the demands expected of you?
  • using all your strength and mental energy just to survive the day job?
  • lacking the headspace to take control and pay attention to your own wellbeing?
  • on the edge and are one crisis away from not coping?

This course is a 4-week programme consisting of online modules. You will complete weekly assignments, take part in online group discussions and have focussed one-to-one coaching.

It is specifically designed for General Practitioners managing patient wellbeing and safety under the pressure of limited time and resources.

Here’s what we cover over the four weeks:

Week 1| Take control of your wellbeing: Look after your biggest asset

Week 2| Take control of your workload: Prioritise your time

Week 3| Take control of your work-life: Work better and smarter

Week 4| Take control of your future: Make the choice to do what you love

On top of the online webinar time, you also get:

  • Access to a private Facebook group, where you can connect with fellow students
  • An email “hotline” to submit your questions and send feedback
  • A directory of handouts and practical tools

Your investment – £247

What you’ll gain

  • Feel better physically and mentally
  • Gain control of your work load
  • Focus on the important and eliminate the unimportant
  • Eliminate items on your ‘stress list’
  • Design your working week
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Online course 2 – Develop your career to thrive

What’s it all about?

This course if for GPs who want to develop their career to do more of the things they love both within and outside of their practice. GPs who may feel bored and disillusioned with their current life and would like to develop a portfolio career that embraces and builds on their strengths and while stretching and developing new skills – and who aren’t sure where to start.

This course is starting in Jan 2020. Contact us to find out more and reserve your place

What you’ll gain

  • Clarity around your individual strengths and what you really want to do.
  • Consideration of the endless possibilities open to you and how to have a fulfilling career using your unique skills and strengths.
  • Start feeling excited about your work
  • A set of actions and concrete plan for getting the career you want.
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What to expect.

Expert teaching

Every element of our programme is based on on the most reliable and complete academic evidence about what creates resilience in today’s workplaces..

Online modules

Including video teaching and online content and course materials.


Useful assignments to help you to quickly put into practice and apply what you’ve learned.

Online support

Email support, Facebook Group and online coaching to support you all the way through.

Every GP should do this course – at the start of their career and every 5 years

– Senior Partner, East London

Meet your instructor.

Dr. Rachel Morris

Online courses have been developed and are delivered by Dr Rachel Morris and her team of coaches. Rachel has been on this journey herself and understands the unique challenges that doctors face.

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No problem – all the online modules are recorded and available to you as and when you are available to do them. You will have access to all the course materials for 6 months following registration and can remain part of the facebook group as long as you like.

Of course not! All homework assignments are purely to aid your learning, to help you think further about the content and to help you apply the principles directly to your own situation. If you want to make sure that you get as much out of the course as you can, the more effort and thought you put into doing the assignments, the bigger the impact the course will have on your life.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of coaching. In previous courses we have run, having a coaching session alongside the online content was immensely valuable as it helped people to identify the key issues that were holding them back, and move forward in leaps and bounds.

We want to make sure the course gives you the best results possible, and coaching is the quickest way to achieve this. This is why coaching is included in some of our courses and is always offered as an option when you book.

If you feel that the coaching has been helpful, at the end of the course, there is an option to continue with one-to-one coaching with one of our dedicated team at a discounted price.

We are so confident that by doing this course, using the tools provided and following the 1:1 coaching session, you will start to feel better, gain more time and be able to take more control in your work. However, if you do not feel that the course has helped you to do this within four weeks of buying the course, I am offering a no-quibble money back guarantee.

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